Frutarom launches patented cosmeceutical in Asia

By Natasha Spencer

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Frutarom launches patented cosmeceutical in Asia
Focusing on boosting beauty from within to consumers looking at inner beauty, Frutarom, unveils its new PhytoflORAL product.

The Israeli-based fragrance and flavour producer and distributor, Frutarom, highlights how pure tomato power-derived ingredients is supported by research studies to market its impact on skin health.

Why cosmeceuticals?

As the company gears up for Vitafoods Asia in Singapore in September 2018, it reveals its latest product portfolio item, PhytoflORAL.

A patented clinically-studied cosmeceutical, PhytoflORAL, was developed by Israeli-based, IBR. Marketed in the cosmeceutical ‘beauty from within' segment, it is designed to provide skin with “a light, even tone and promotes skin health”​.

Appealing in Asia

“Asia Pacific is one of the top markets for beauty from within ingredients,”​ outlined Liki von Oppen-Bezalel, Ph.D., VP of Business Development and Marketing for IBR.

“Multiple skin health ingredients, especially so-called ‘skin-whitening’ materials, are unsafe for use. This is why it was vital to develop a safe, research-backed natural ingredient like PhytoflORAL," ​added Oppen-Bezalel.

Available for dual “beauty from inside and outside”​ regimes, PhytoflORAL has been developed from a proprietary ingredient emanating from non-GMO tomatoes containing carotenoids, phytoene and phytofluene.

Positive properties

PhytoflORAL is an all-natural powder that is both free-flowing and used in a variety of applications including capsules, chewable tablets, pre-mix sachets and drinks.

Frutarom stated that clinical data reveals in the dietary intake of phytoene and phytofluene results in the “accumulation of these phytochemicals in the skin”​, offering a collection of multiple skin-health and beauty benefits namely, anti-ageing properties, oxidative damage protection, sun exposure, skin brightening and evening out of complexion.

Anti-ageing properties are considered a key benefit related to PhytoflORAL. Frutarom explained that these carotenoids inhibit melanin synthesis as well as control pigmentation through natural mechanisms.

These also assist with providing environmental protection including UV and oxidative damage, along with limiting inflammation and damage to DNA.  

Study support

“The recent acquisition of IBR by Frutarom opened a new market of cosmeceuticals, with prospects for rapid growth and added value,”​ explained Yoni Glickman, President of Frutarom Natural Solutions.

“IBR brings innovation and all-natural solutions backed by research that perfectly fit into our portfolio,”​ added Glickman.

A number of clinical and in vitro studies centre around PhytoflORAL’s level of bioactivity. Gene expression analysis also highlighted its level of efficacy.

PhytoflORAL revealed its photoprotective effect following 84 days of supplementation, which was demonstrated by a 20% rise in Minimum Erythemal Dose in 65% of participants. This was shown in one particular clinical study after calculating the shortest exposure to UV radiation before reddening of the skin.

In a separate study, Frutarom found that 82% of subjects saw a noticeable measurable skin lightening effect after 42 days, and increase after 84 days. These participants also stated they had witnessed increased skin radiance, hydration, suppleness and evenness to create visually healthy skin and sun damage resistance.

Active ingredient market

The active ingredient market is particularly strong in Asia, as consumers demand anti-ageing items that promote sunscreen protection, skin-tone evening of a natural, green and environmentally friendly nature.

Stating Markets and Markets report, Frutarom revealed that the global active ingredients market for cosmetics was valued at approximately $2.63 bn (€2.3 bn) in 2015 and is expected to hit $4.45 bn (€3.8 bn) by 2026.

Increased interest in the active ingredient market comes from growing awareness amongst consumers towards skin health and the need for consumers to feel good.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,”​ Frutarom revealed in its recent press release.

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