Oil pulling comeback: Vedix launches personalised range to tap into India’s oral care market

By Amanda Lim

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edix is making its entry into India’s oral care segment. [Vedix]
edix is making its entry into India’s oral care segment. [Vedix]

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Personalised Ayurvedic beauty and wellness company Vedix is making its entry into India’s oral care segment with a range of personalised oil pulling products.

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice that is used like a mouthwash.

Vedix is a personalised Ayurvedic beauty brand owned by Hyderabad-based IncNut Digital, which also operates personalised skin care brand SkinKraft.

The brand personalises products based on prakruti, an Ayurvedic concept that consists of three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.

Using a questionnaire, Vedix determines an individual’s prakruti to customise products. The brand offers a range of skin care, hair care and wellness products that is personalised towards an individual’s prakruti.

On September 27, the company announced that it has expanded into the oral care segment with the launch of personalised oil pulling products. The products will be personalised based on age and dosha profile.

“Vedix is taking bold steps by launching this new category which is currently dominated by legacy brands,” ​said Jatin Gujrati, head of business, Vedix.

“As a brand, we wanted to provide a holistic wellness solution for our consumers. We are trying to create an ecosystem for people who want to live a more holistic lifestyle in accordance with the Ayurvedic principles.”

The oils are said to maintain a healthy and balanced biome. The process is also said to improve gum health, reduce plaque and protect tooth enamel.

This ancient practice has been making a comeback recently, with major players like Colgate launching their own oil pulling products.

According to the firm, India’s oral hygiene market is valued $2.1bn and is expected to grow at CAGR 8.69% between 2022 to 2026.

“This is a niche category but mainstream FMCG brands are already present in this category, and that tells you that there is a big opportunity. Some of the bigger brands have engaged top celebrities from Bollywood, so it gives you an idea of the amount of interest in oil pulling,”​ said Gujrati.

Moving forward, the company will continue to expand its product portfolio. Gujrati said the firm will consider exploring more opportunities in oral care, such as toothpastes and tools like tongue scrapers.

Ayurveda ecosystem

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to launch personalised body care products in the coming months for the festival season in India.

“The team has done some fantastic job in terms of formulations and the senatorial aspects of these products. We'll be launching three different types of body washes, body lotions, body oils and body scrubs,”​ said Gujrati.

Following this, the company is set to launch a range of baby care products that are customised to the different stages of babyhood.

“It will be customised by age because the skin on a baby at six months is different from a baby at 12 months. Most of the baby care brands in India are the global brands. Now it's about time that we innovate for the baby category in India,”​ said Gujrati.

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