WATCH – Oral refresh: Lovebyt and Vedix on why the oral care routine is ripe and ready for disruption

By Amanda Lim

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In the latest episode of the Beauty Broadcast, our guests from Lovebyt and Vedix explain how the oral care sector is progressing from meeting basic health needs, to becoming a beauty and lifestyle essential.

Today, oral care brands are mirroring their skin care and hair care counterparts in terms of branding, packaging and formulation trends.

As a result, they are transforming toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash from perfunctory health products into a chic beauty and lifestyle essential.

Tash Schutts, founder and CEO of Australian oral care brand Lovebyt, believes this push for oral care is happening now because “teeth are becoming an object of beauty”.

“We spend so much time at home putting on masks, and looking after our hair, and moisturising and caring for our skin. The oral beauty routine will be a continuation of this beauty routine that we're investing in.”

Personalised Ayurvedic beauty brand Vedix recently expanded into the oral care category, which it believes will benefit from a rise of premium-level products.

“The category itself will keep growing and especially on the premium end of the market as people have been using for oral care products for a long time and now are being exposed to much more evolved version of same products… We also see an opportunity as a brand to launch more and more products on the premium end to cater to the demand,” ​said Jatin Gujrati, business head, Vedix.

Like in skin care, make-up and hair care, consumers are driven by similar trends in the market such as ingredient transparency.

“As they become are becoming more educated, they want to have a very transparent list of ingredients that are healthy,”​ said Schutts.

Similarly, Vedix has observed a tremendous demand for natural ingredients, said Gujrati.

“If you look at any of these larger players operating in the herbal category, their growths are at least four to five times higher than the industry average, which means that customers are actually looking for more herbal, natural Ayurvedic solutions in this space.”

To find out more insights into the transformation of the oral care category, check out our video above.


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