Sun Protection

Many of these consumers cite concerns around the safety of formulations for human health but also the impact on the environment - unfounded concerns says FEBEA [Getty Images]

FEBEA: 4 in 10 French never use or inadequately use sunscreen

By Kacey Culliney

A survey has found that 40% of French consumers either don’t apply adequate amounts of sunscreen or don’t use any at all, with a large majority citing fear of toxic ingredients and environmental pollution as concerns.


Sunscreen regulations across the globe: What industry needs to know

By Tjaša Grum, CE.way Regulatory Consultants

With summer in full swing and sunscreen products flying off shelves, this guest article sheds light on what cosmetic companies need to know on sun protection product regulations – very different across the globe.

Universal measure for sun protection

Sun protection: Is it time for a universal measure?

By Natasha Spencer

Although self-tanning and skin whitening trends differ in the East and the West, both eastern and western consumers are conscious of the impact of the sun and the importance of wearing sun protection.

Sun protection conference postponed until next year

Sun protection conference postponed until next year

By Michelle Yeomans

The Singapore version of the sun protection & anti-ageing skin care conference originally scheduled for July, has been postponed until next year as organisers cite 'it will take time' for the event to take off.

Sun protection forum to focus more on Asia this year

Sun protection forum to focus more on Asia this year

By Michelle Yeomans

The Sun Protection & Anti-ageing Skin Care Conference now in its second year, returns this July with more Asia-specific content around developments in skin care testing and claims substantiations.