Asia is the land of opportunity for Naturex


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Asia is the land of opportunity for Naturex

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Ingredients supplier Naturex is looking to target the Asian region due to the growing trend for natural and exotic ingredients, building on its successes in other markets.

Having launched a range of ingredients with an African influence at in-cosmetics in Paris earlier this year, and a new line of oils earlier this month, the French firm speaks to at the in-cosmetics Asia event in Bangkok, about introducing its NAT oleis range here.

“We already have ingredients derived from Asia and that meet certain demands in the market,”​ says Stephanie Puel, business unit director, Cosmetics.

“We know the market is open to natural and exotic ingredients, and that there are still more discoveries to be found here, building on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda secrets, daily rituals and other local influences.”

Growing interest

Naturex has received a lot of interest from global brands for a number of ingredients, such as a Schizandra ingredient which has calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

The company has also been able to develop specific oils for the region due to certain demands that derive from the region’s trends. Skin whitening has long been in demand in Asia, and this has sparked increased interest in Cranberry oil, as well as Camelina oil, which both lighten the skin, Puel tells us.

Tsubaki oil is also in demand in Asia, as it is locally sourced on an island in between Japan and Korea and is based on Japanese beauty heritage.

This oil can be used in a wide range of applications, such as skin care for its moisturising and calming properties, and also in hair care as it is nourishing and is proven for hair repair.

In the past companies may have been put off this oil as it is very fragile and oxidises, so it limits the shelf life of a product.

However, Puel states that because of Olei Protect, a natural abscorbic acid developed by Naturex, it can protect and preserve the oils 28 times longer than other products, eliminating the degradation factor for brands.

Magic of Africa

Puel explains that Naturex has also seen a lot of demand for the products outlined in its ‘Magic of Africa’ portfolio, launched at in-cosmetics in Paris. This collection is complementary with some specific oils sourced in Africa like Marula oil and Apricot oil showing big potential, whilst the popularity of Argan oil continues to increase.

In this instance having such a vast knowledge of natural ingredients around the world, helped by the influence from its experience in the Food industry, is a big advantage for Naturex.

For a company that has such a strong history serving the Food and Nutrition industries, Puel also claims the Personal Care segment is expanding now more than ever.

“It is a key pillar of growth for the Naturex group,”​ she says. “We aim to be a key player in the industry within the next three years.”

Sustainable focus

Along with the anticipated expansion, Puel confirms that sustainability remains a vital focus for the company.

With Chris Kilham campaigning on the subject as the firm’s ambassador across the globe, Naturex also commits 1% of its sales from the NAT oleis range to environmental and social initiatives.

As a company, it would like to communicate sustainability more directly with the consumer, and does its best at present to provide brands with all they need to do this effectively.

Last week Kilham spoke at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris about how communication of sustainability and green issues needs to improve, and Puel says that Naturex do their best to communicate the value and benefit of this to the brands that approach them.

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