Active beauty in India part II: Start a scent strategy

By Natasha Spencer

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Scent Strategy in India

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With consumers seeking sweat-covering scents, we caught up again with Charlotte Libby, Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance Analyst at Mintel to explore how brands can create a strong strategy to maximise success.

As part of the active beauty trend, fragrance formulators are including functional claims such as long-lasting scent, increased antiperspirant protection, and deodorising.

Charlotte Libby, Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance Analyst at Mintel emphasises how these terms are a crucial focus for a range of products in the beauty industry including “body sprays, fragrances and deodorants in the active beauty market – answering the needs-based demands of the category”.

Fragrant factors

As the scent segment within the cosmetics arena develops new items and claims, Libby describes a number of key areas being explored by product developers entering the sector and looking for market share:

  1. Emerging aromatherapy considerations are creating scents that both energise adults when exercising and also calm the body following a workout.
  2. Skin care benefits such as muscle relaxation for post-sports are an area for consideration.
  3. On-the-go and easy applications through packaging can also be adapted for the active beauty trend.

Sweet smells

As consumers are increasing their activity levels, body odour is becoming a primary concern for sports lovers. Consequently, deodorant and antiperspirant sales are on the up, when compared to body sprays.

Mintel’s research indicates that when making buying soaps, bath and shower products, 60% of users’ decisions are based on how long the fragrance will last. Pleasant perfumes and sweat protection are likely to rate highly in innovative marketing campaigns, as the product gap between fragrances and deodorants narrows.

As beauty, fitness and health and wellbeing gather pace, the active beauty is gathering followers, who are searching for solutions that provide both an emotional and physical impact.

With the number of interested and loyal active consumers in the Indian marketplace strong, beauty and personal care companies are expected to create inventive products and multifunctional claims that cross the beauty and fitness industry to promote an active lifestyle.


Formulators and marketers are targeting new product launches towards both males and females.

In particular, the male grooming trend is a primary sector for beauty and personal care companies in India. Indian consumer goods company, Marico, for instance, has acquired a stake in local brand, Beardo.

Focusing on the female demographic too, multinational names are creating campaigns that directly appeal to this area of the market. In July 2016, for example, Nike championed female athletes in India in a bid to motivate women to take part in sport and exercise.

Mintel highlights that 80% of males in India have used hair care products in the three months leading to June 2016. This figure increases to up to 90% of males aged between 18 to 34.

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