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Chlitina and regenerative medicine

Brand Profile

Chlitina Profile part II: How regenerative medicine is progressing

By Natasha Spencer

As the field of “medical beauty” strengthens, we continue to talk to skin care and beauty salon, and Tongji University partner, Chlitina, and look at how this industry is gathering supporters and overcoming the strict regulatory environment.

Chlitina  medical beauty

Brand profile

Chlitina Profile part I: Exploring the age of medical beauty

By Natasha Spencer

Chemist Dr. Chen Wugang is the founder of Taiwanese skin care and beauty salon franchise, with Joanna Chen now at the helm of Chlitina as the CEO. Ryan Chao, Chlitina’s Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China area, talks about the latest developments...

Natural active ingredients

Natural active ingredients: Achieving all-round appeal

By Natasha Spencer

As healthy lifestyles positively influence the rise in the natural active ingredient segment, marketing promotions, next generation materials, and leading Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions are all contributing to its growth.

iGeneration in colour cosmetics

iGeneration: The new colour cosmetics dynamic

By Natasha Spencer

Young Millennials — known as the iGeneration — are creating a shift in the Chinese colour cosmetics market, leading brands to reform their ideas surrounding innovation.

Male skin care and sheet masks K-beauty

Exclusive interview

Male skin care and sheet masks part II: K-beauty in the US

By Natasha Spencer

Currently, in the US, there appears to be a disconnect between K-beauty trends and their adoption in the Western marketplace. We continued our conversation with David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel on how it can build...

Halal cosmetics in India

Halal cosmetics: India proves prosperous

By Natasha Spencer

Independent network of accreditation entities, International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF), notes how halal producers are looking to India for growth amid demands for Shariah-compliant cosmetics.

Male skin care and sheet mask routines

Exclusive interview

Male skin care and sheet masks part I: Routines “gain momentum”

By Natasha Spencer

In recent years, the male grooming sector has grown in popularity and frequency throughout Asia. We asked David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst for Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel what pivotal influences are impacting this trend and why "South...

Ayurvedic beauty in India

Exclusive interview

Ayurvedic beauty in India part II: A way of life

By Natasha Spencer

The Indian government and leading brands recognise the potential of Ayurvedic beauty and are supporting its growth, Shreyansh Kocheri, Senior Research Analyst at Euromonitor International explains.

Ayurvedic beauty in India mindfulness and wellbeing

Exclusive interview

Ayurvedic beauty in India part I: Mindfulness and wellbeing

By Natasha Spencer

With Ayurvedic beauty appearing as a core marketing message in India, we asked Joanna Chan, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International why this trend is taking off and how it is expected to develop.

Demographics in China cosmetics

exclusive interview

The Convenience Factor part III: Diversifying demographics

By Natasha Spencer

In the third part of our interview with Matthew Crabbe, Director of Research, Asia-Pacific at Mintel, we explored how convenience in cosmetics shopping is appreciated by all demographics, and how brands can communicate this across marketing campaigns.