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Anti-pollution product launches in APAC

Anti-pollution product launches Part I: Why APAC is the region of choice

By Natasha Spencer

As market research company, Mintel, finds over a third of all anti-pollution products in 2016 have been launched in APAC, we spoke to Sharon Kwek, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insight Analyst at Mintel to find out why brands are specifically...

Halal fragrances in APAC

Halal fragrances to lead growing ethical sector, report states

By Natasha Spencer

Increasing awareness among consumers about halal-certified products boosts the demand for Halal cosmetics and the fragrance sector, in particular, which is expected to generate the largest CAGR during the forecast period.  

China restricts Korean-related broadcasts

China restricts Korean K-beauty influence

By Natasha Spencer

Distribution agreements and commercial relationships between China and South Korea’s cosmetics, beauty and personal industries have suffered a significant setback as China imposes stricter broadcasting rules.

Emogreen wins functional ingredients award

Seppic’s Emogreen wins functional ingredients award

By Natasha Spencer

As Seppic Asia’s Emogreen won the best prize in the functional ingredients category of the Best Ingredient Awards Innovation at in-cosmetics Asia 2016, we spoke to Marty Lumain, Asia Pacific Beauty Care Marketing Manager at Seppic about the product and...

Cosmax and Alibaba partner to distribute Korean beauty to China

Cosmax and Alibaba partner to distribute Korean beauty to China

By Natasha Spencer

Cosmax, South Korea's biggest cosmetics original development manufacturer (ODM), has teamed up with China’s online retailing giant Alibaba to create a new e-commerce platform to distribute Korean cosmetics throughout China.

R&D investment in Asia-Pacific

How brands can evolve in personal care market part III

By Natasha Spencer

Part III: Using science and nature to launch productsIn the final part of our interview, we spoke to Vito Consiglio, Vice President, Personal and Home Care, Ashland, about how Ashland is responding to regional trends and consumer demands by investing...

Key trends in APAC

How brands can evolve in personal care market part II

By Natasha Spencer

Part II: Key trendsIn our second installment, we spoke to Vito Consiglio, Vice President, Personal and Home Care, Ashland, about the key trends influencing product development and strategic planning within the APAC region.

Active Derm Singapore skin care products online

Active Derm Singapore skin care products go online

By Natasha Spencer

The Singaporean skin care producer has launched its variety of skin and hair care products online in a move that reflects Asia-Pacific's (APAC) focus on e-commerce and digital marketing.

Ashland’s new brand identity in APAC

How brands can evolve in personal care market part I

By Natasha Spencer

Part I: Brand IdentityAs the personal care industry in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region continues to develop and compete with its US and European counterparts, we take an in-depth look at one of the leading brands focusing on the APAC marketplace.In this...

Croda invests in laboratories in Asia Pacific

Croda invests in three new laboratories in APAC

By Natasha Spencer

Croda International, the British speciality chemicals company, has furthered its plans to open three new laboratories in Greater China, Republic of Korea and Indonesia.

PETA statement on China's non-animal cosmetics test

PETA praises China’s non-animal cosmetics testing decision

By Natasha Spencer

As China announces that it has accepted the first completely non-animal cosmetics test, we spoke to Amanda Nordstrom, who is involved with PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies programme on what this means for the future of cosmetics testing.

in-cosmetics Asia 2016

Personal care brands prepare for in-cosmetics Asia 2016

By Natasha Spencer

in-cosmetics Asia 2016 is set to reveal the latest trends to dominate the Asia-Pacific (APAC) marketplace and will highlight what the personal care and ingredients sectors can expect to see going into 2017.

China's cosmetics market grows

Domestic brands to lead China's growth

By Natasha Spencer

In a recent report, Euromonitor International predicts that China’s domestic players will contribute significantly to the beauty and personal care industry over the forecast period.

Taiwan bans cosmetics animal testing

Taiwan votes to ban cosmetics animal testing

By Natasha Spencer

Following India and South Korea’s decisions to become the first Asian nation to ban animal testing on cosmetics, Taiwan has also voted to end cosmetics animal testing.

Halal cosmetics in Asia

Strong R&D developments expected for halal cosmetics

By Natasha Spencer

As the halal cosmetics trend remains prominent within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market, the upcoming in-cosmetics Asia event in Bangkok will explore the growing halal cosmetic products market and how it is set to develop in the future.

Male personal care in Asia-Pacific

Male personal care: The market to watch

By Natasha Spencer

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is expected to account for the highest growth rate in the overall male personal care market throughout 2016 to 2022, due to increasing consumer demand from countries including China and India.

Japan bans 19 ingredients used in soap

Japan bans 19 ingredients used in medicated soaps

By Natasha Spencer

Following the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision that antibacterial wash manufacturers must ban 19 ingredients from their products within one year, Japan has announced it has already put this in motion.

Marketing pollution protective cosmetics products

How Pollution Protection is transforming APAC cosmetics Part II

By Natasha Spencer

Anti-pollution products are one of the most sought after trends within the APAC region and with innovative developments, consumer attitudes and events all focusing on pollution protective cosmetics products, it is adopting sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Pollution protective cosmetics products

How Pollution Protection is transforming APAC cosmetics Part I

By Natasha Spencer

As consumers are increasingly searching for ways to protect their skin from pollution, we spoke to Christina Ho, Regional Skin Care Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific at cosmetics manufacturer Croda to discover how protecting skin from pollution aggression...

Japanese natural cosmetics

What’s influencing the Japanese naturals market?

By Natasha Spencer

As consumers seek natural and organic cosmetic products, we deliver the second part of our interview with Jorge Larranaga, Senior Manager Manufacturing Division at Number Three in Japan on what developments in the cosmetics and associated industries are...