Complex formulations, sustainability and premiumisation drive developments at Rexam

By Katie Nichol

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Complex product formulations, concerns over sustainability and the growing trend towards premiumisation are just some of the factors that will influence new product development at Rexam Personal Care, according to its global marketing and innovation director Nathalie Nowak.

Nowak, who has recently taken up the post of marketing and innovation director at the plastic packaging supplier, told USA that Rexam will continue to develop advanced packaging to protect the increasingly complex product formulations that are emerging in today’s market.

Complex formulations demand high performance packaging

Airless packaging is becoming a popular choice for packaging sensitive skin care formulations, and one of Rexam’s recent product innovations, the Nea Airless pump, anticipates the use of airless packaging across different product types.

“Our new Nea Airless pump was developed in anticipation of more multi-purpose, fragile, preservative-free formulas, in virtually all market segments, from color cosmetics to anti-ageing serums,” ​said Nowak.

Nowak predicts more diversification in the lipstick segment, which she said could include softer textures or a higher concentration of active ingredients in contrast to the conventional wax and pigment compositions.

Novak said that Rexam is working with cosmetics brands to develop airtight lipstick packaging that offers protection for sensitive formulations, as well as packaging with guided mechanisms for lipsticks that have less structural rigidity and are softer than traditional formulations.

Sustainability concerns influence product development

With sustainability high on the consumer agenda, demand for eco-friendly packaging is also set to influence new product developments at Rexam, and Nowak highlighted the company’s latest launch in this area, the XD-11 Twist fragrance pump.

The pump was unveiled at the PCD Congress in February 2011 and uses TCS (The Crimpless System) which allows the pump and the bottle to be easily separated from one another after use, allowing environmentally conscious consumers to easily recycle the product components.

Premiumisation particularly evident in emerging markets

Across all cosmetics and personal care product categories, there is an increasing trend towards premiumisation, said Nowak, adding that this trend is particularly evident in emergent markets where consumer income levels are rising.

“Consumers of personal care products at all price points now expect certain levels of performance, ergonomics and aesthetics in the packaging of their cosmetics and toiletries,”​ she said.

In the emerging markets of Brazil, eastern Europe, China, India and Mexico, Nowak said that what is particularly noteworthy is the clear upgrade in products sold by Rexam.

“In cosmetics, for example, we see an increase of dispensing systems for lotions switching from jars to pumps and, especially, to airless systems. In addition, we see greater use of advanced decorations and surface treatments that give a more luxurious feel and greater sophistication.”

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