Revlon ordered to test cancer-linked cosmetics in Vietnam

Revlon ordered to test cancer-linked cosmetics in Vietnam

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Cosmetics company Revlon is facing another obstacle as the Vietnamese Drug Administration orders an investigation into claims that their personal care products contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Both the Ministry of Health and the FDA have ordered the company’s distributor in Vietnam to have tests carried out by the city’s Institute of Drug Quality Control.

Revlon’s personal care products have recently come under scrutiny in the US, with environmental lobby groups such as The Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics accusing the company of using carcinogenics and hormone disrupting chemicals.    

In response to these claims, Revlon has issued a cease and desist order and is currently threatening to take legal action against these lobby groups, with VP Lauren Goldberg stating that the organization’s press release wrongly states that discontinued products are still being used.

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