Lab INC. launches daylight skin protector

By Natasha Spencer

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Lab INC. launches daylight skin protector
The South Korean beauty creator aims to protect user’s skin from daylight damage with its newly-released and currently sold out Demar3 Protector.

On 25th April, natural substances name, Lab INC, revealed it has unveiled its Demar3 Estud Protecter 3.2. This comes after partnering with international manufacturing company, HnG, on the research and development (R&D) phase.

Together with the affiliate of Kolmar Korea, the duo has created its Demar3 Estud Protecter 3.2, which penetrates the lower layers of the epidural skin layer, making it impenetrable against daylight.

Defence against skin damage is an ever-popular and evolving segment in South Korea as consumers demand multifunctional items that protect against environmental exposure. Products featuring anti-ageing and anti-pollution packaging labels and assurances have been high on shopper’s beauty buy lists.

Skin damage protection

This latest offering from Lab INC aims to boost this defence against skin damage includes ten antioxidant ingredients and Taxfolin extracted from alpine roses.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in Korea has recognised and certified the daylight damage protective product for its anti-wrinkle and skin whitening capabilities.

"The Protecter is especially effective for those who are exposed to daylight and shows tendencies of different skin conditions during the day and night,”​ commented Ms. Jo, Assistant Manager from The Natural substances Lab INC.

Currently sold out and only available for pre-order, Jo puts this down to "recent social media attention”.

Ageing and active ingredients

Lab INC recognises that as consumers “our skin is constantly being damaged from various elements during daylight hours and recovers overnight”​, it revealed in a recent press release.

With age, however, collagen — which encourages skin re-generation — reduces. As the substance decreases, this leads to damage instead of skin recovery.  

Focusing on a recent study by Varani et al (2006) entitled Decreased Collagen Production in Chronologically Aged Skin​, skin re-generating collagen starts to considerably decrease as we enter our 30s. On average, by the time we reach our 80s, this culminates in an average decrease of over 68%.

Reflecting on the use of functional cosmetics to overcome the damaging effects of ageing and boost the natural recovery effect, LAb INC went on to say how “these products are susceptible to denaturing since the active ingredients are especially weak against UV rays.”

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