Unicep Packaging, Inc.

We contribute to the success of skin care and beauty brands by offering package innovation that enhances the consumer experience. Our packaging and services are a great fit for skin care, over the counter topical, nail care, and hair care product categories.

We are an ideal partner offering:

  • Unique single-use packaging
  • Expertise in gels, liquids and creams
  • Rigorous quality standards

Core Services

Contract Manufacturing

  • Custom mixing capabilities
  • Pre-production runs & scale-up capabilities

Contract Filling & Packaging

  • Filling for single-use and multi-use packaging
  • Packaging options include single-use pouches/sachets, applicators, tubes, syringes, and plastic dispensers
  • We also welcome the opportunity to tackle unique packaging ideas and problems to solve

Package Design

  • Custom created blow-fill-seal single-use dispensers
  • Design, prototype, and production engineering services

Our package design engineers create solutions that will garner more attention for your brand’s products and ensure your packaging stays true to the core principles of your brand.