Shiseido wins poster award at 29th IFSCC congress

By Natasha Spencer

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Shiseido wins 29th IFSCC congress award
The leading Japanese personal care producer wins the poster award for its research on dermal cavitation as a skin aging mechanism.

Shiseido, the Japanese skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrance producer, won the Poster Award at the IFSCC Congress 2016, held from 30th October to 2nd November 2016 in Orlando, Florida, US.

The Japanese multinational personal care company’s paper entitled “Discovery of novel skin aging mechanism: dermal cavitation”, was selected from a total of approximately 420 distinguished papers, made up from around 70 Podium Presentation papers and 350 Poster Presentation papers.

Tomonobu Ezure, PhD Senior Scientist, Shiseido Life Science Research Centre was presented with the IFSCC Poster Award for the company’s discovery of the novel skin aging mechanism: dermal cavitation, which identifies the sweat gland as a breakthrough target for anti-aging skin care

Innovative technology

Shiseido previously discovered the cavitation of the dermal layer and that people with more advanced “cavitation of the dermal layer” experience facial sagging to a greater extent. However, until this research paper, the cause of this remained unclear.

That was until, the company became the first in the world to find out that the shrinkage of sweat glands, which produce sweat, is significant in the area with the cavitation of the dermal layer.
Shiseido has clarified that the shrinkage of sweat glands plays a key role in cavitation of the dermal layer and now aims to apply these findings to develop new skin care products.

Deciding factors

The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), an international organisation of cosmetic engineer associations founded in 1959, welcomed Japan in 1962 after the country formally joined.  

IFSCC presents global cutting-edge technologies that are related to cosmetics and skin care and supports activities that seek to improve cosmetic technology and develop safe and beneficial cosmetic products. Awards are strictly evaluated by criteria including novelty, independence and scientific evidence.

IFSCC Congress is held once every two years and an IFSCC Conference is held between Congresses.

The winner, Tomonobu Ezure, received the award at two consecutive Congresses, the 28th and 29th, becoming the world’s first IFSCC presenter to win two IFSCC awards in a row.

Shiseido’s previously awarded technologies include “smudge-proof lipstick” and “water-resistant sunscreen removable by soap”.

IFSCC winner

Shiseido won the sixth consecutive IFSCC Awards, from 24th to 29th IFSCC Congresses. Along with the awards won at the IFSCC Conferences, the company has won 24 awards (including 4 honorary mentions) in total. This number of awards is the largest ever received by a cosmetics company in the world.

Compared to several other leading competitors, Shiseido has won over three times the amount of awards of even its second closest rival, winning the highest number of awards in the Congress Award (Podium Presentation) category.

The producer’s substantial number of wins has been attributed to its high level of technology compared to competitors.

In 2014, Shiseido was awarded the Congress Award (Poster Award) at the 28th Congress in Paris, France. The personal care giant received the award for its research on ‘What happens if we thoroughly analyze human facial skin?’. This analysed the characteristics of the internal structure of the face, finding that these contribute significantly to sagging of the skin.

The previous year, in 2013, the company collected two awards at the IFSCC Rio de Janeiro Conference. It received Conference Award (Podium Presentation) for the development of a camera system to identify moisture distribution and the Conference Award (Poster Award) for “The Role of Heparan Sulfate at the Dermal-Epidermal Junction in Hyperpigmentation” paper, which sought to identify a new mechanism to overcome skin blotches.

Shiseido received its first IFSCC award in Boston, US, at its 9th Congress for technology that is used today to produce skin care products. The brand was presented with the Congress Award for the development of its emulsion technology for the homogeneous mixing of oil and water to create moisturising skin care cream.

Shiseido’s skincare ranges are built on over 100 years of R&D investment. Today, they use high-performance active ingredients and formulations in a wide selection of products including make up remover, cleanser, softener, serum, moisturiser, eye care and targeted treatment.

The leading skin care manufacturer uses these to help consumers overcome typical cosmetic and beauty concerns including acne, blemishes, darkened or clogged pores, dark circles and spots, wrinkles, dehydration, redness and sagging.

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